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Korean top-brand, a multinational that has developed its know-how through competitions; each Hankook rubber  is characterized by a balanced blend that is well suited to its intended use; the purchase cost is among the most convenient on the international market.

best Hankook tires Hankook

The offers the Dynapro series, a tire with an excellent quality-price ratio which has the characteristics of being silent and suitable for touring use of the car; its compound guarantees good road holding in all weather conditions and excellent durability. The alternative is Hankook Vantra which, in the face of a very similar design, use an MS compound.

The Ventus series by Hankook other hand, is dedicated to those who love a sportier vehicle driving, thanks to the adoption of an asymmetrical design that guarantees greater road holding when cornering; the transversal incisions are designed to favor an optimal drainage of water and debris during rainy days.

The are Kinergy series tires built using modern technologies and with the aid of a tread with numerous transversal grooves in order to effectively overcome the problem ofaquaplaning; rubber is available in numerous models, from summer to all season tires.


The Hankook Icebear consist of winter tires, perfect for traveling on the typically dirty and debris-laden roads of mountain areas; in addition, they perform best when the temperature drops below 8 degrees.tires I * cept RS2 are an excellent example of sports rubber with a tread suitable for the poorly adherent surfaces typical of winter; the generous transversal incisions that form a "v" design allow the rubber to unload much of what has been collected in the short unit of time.


If you own a super sports car and you need the best tire on the market, Hankook offers you the Ventus S1 EVO3 series, a tire manufactured without compromise; the aramidic composite that distinguishes it allows to reduce deformations even at the highest speeds to the advantage of stability both in corners and on long straights. The tire is equipped with an ecological compound based on natural resins, a solution that guarantees record-breaking performance on any surface, especially when braking.

Similarly to the summer tires mentioned above, the i * cept EVO3 model offers record-breaking performance on dirty and partially snow-covered surfaces;3D winter sipes allow Hankook's patentedyou to take advantage of improved handling even when the steering response is clearly compromised by debris on the road surface.



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