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Dunlop is one of the major English companies, founded in 1888, today it is known as one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, distinguishing itself for the production of high quality tires, with performance always at high levels and technical and technological innovation present. on each of its products. 

This British multinational in the sector of car tires and motorcycle tires was born precisely in Ireland, in Dublin, the city in which I opened its first factory in 1888. Today the head office is still located in the Irish capital, but with factories, workshops and management offices scattered throughout the world, a factor that has allowed it to become an indisputable giant in the premium tire sector

Dunlop: the company that revolutionized the way of traveling as we know it today

Dunlop can be defined as the company that invented the modern tire, the one that is still used on our motorcycles, pioneer of motorcycle tires and reference point for all companies that have entered this sector over the years. 

In fact, Dunlop is an English multinational that has been involved in the manufacture of tires of all kinds for more than 150 years, an activity that reinvented the world of wheel travel. 

It is not only concerned with producing tires, but it is the company that invented and conceived rubber as we know it today as early as 1888. The founder John Boyd Dunlop in fact invented what was the first air bearing system in the world, which would have laid the foundations for the construction of the tire. 

The company born in 1888 from the brilliant mind of the founder John did not struggle to make space on the market, so much so that already in 1889 it debuted with its tires for the first time on a motorcycle race, in which the rider who mounted the wheels on his motorcycle supplied by Dunlop managed to record impressive results, and from there the fundamental role of rubber was understood. 

Given the great success of his invention Dunlop patented his idea, and founded Dunlop Pneumatic Tire Co. Ltd. 

From that moment it was a succession of successes and exponential growth, so much so that in 1890 he opened his first factory in Dublin, and only three years later another factory in Germany.

In 1895 the fame and notoriety of the British giant became so great that Dunlop tires began to conquer the US, Canadian and European markets. This was the direct consequence of the opening of other offices around the globe, in Malaysia, Australia, America and especially Japan, in addition to the construction of one of the largest tire plants in the world, Fort Dunlop, in England. 

In 1999 Dunlop became the largest tire manufacturer in the world, thanks also to the merger with Sumitomo and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, which allowed it to win a strong participation in the world of racing and competitions, as well as in general from all over the world of sport. 

To date, Dunlop is one of the leading companies in the tire, offering premium tires characterized by high levels of performance, safety and ride comfort. 

The philosophy with which the company was born more than 150 years ago, that is to be able to continuously innovate by offering motorcyclists tires that can guarantee a unique and special driving feeling, is still today at the center of the entire company production process, thus committing itself to constantly raise the level of general quality and safety around the world of car and  motorcycle tires

Those who rely on a brand like Dunlop know they can count on the parent company that gave birth to modern tires, that has reinvented the way of moving on wheels and that has allowed the world to become what it is today, all by producing tires. with unique characteristics.



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