BFGoodrich is a tire brand born in North America, in Akron, Ohio, thanks to the intuition of Benjiamin Franklin Goodrich. 

Right from the start the company stood out for its production capabilities. BFGoodrich's research began right from its foundation in the distant 1870, and even then, maximum performance was an integral part of the company's DNA, so much so that the founder's son set up a research and development center. 

As proof of the progress already made then, BFGoodrich equipped the first vehicle to cross the United States in 1903. At present, there are numerous victories in convincing competitions such as the Dakar (with 6 consecutive victories between 2002 and 2007) or the WRC World Rally Championship (5 consecutive victories between 2006 and 2011). 

As mentioned, all these victories resulting from an always active research and development, have led BFGoodrich to establish itself on the market as a renowned tire manufacturer for guaranteeing reliable and efficient products. 

BFGoodrich tires are available for purchase on direct tires. A brand well known to most, with great safety features and very high build quality. 

As mentioned, BFGoodrich has always been involved in competitions, and this is transmitted in the production products for daily use. 

The extensive commitment to research and development of the best performance in the race, whether it is tires for road use or whether it is off-road tires, has allowed the brand to be considered among the best in terms of quality and performance. 

Suffice it to say that some of the test benches used by BFGoodrich to develop and test its tires are competitions such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Baja. Competitions with a long history, just as the history of BFGoodrich is very long. 

The competitions chosen have the ideal characteristics to put the various types of tires to the whip, and to transfer the know-how acquired in the production of tires intended for customers all over the world. 

Depending on your driving style, or the use you make of BFGoodrich tires, you will always find the right tire for your needs. Even the design of the individual tires is not left to chance, in fact, in addition to having beautiful lines, these must first of all be functional. BFGoodrich is always attentive to its customers, trying to participate in various events so as to have direct contact with its customers and thus receive useful feedback to meet the needs of users more and more. 

As mentioned, BFGoodrich offers a range of tires for every need: suitable tires for cars and SUVs, for commercial vehicles, tires for all-terrain 4x4 vehicles, tires for extreme off-road up to specific tires for muscle cars and vintage car.

Within these categories are then offered different tires, summer or winter for example, and suitable measures to cover almost all existing vehicles. Try BFGoodrich products yourself and you won't be disappointed.



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