nankang tires

When we talk about tires, the choice on the market is really wide because brands always offer new technologies integrated into their products, making them safe and suitable to meet the needs of every driver.

Among the most reliable brands we find the giant Nankang, headquartered in Taiwan, from where the brand originated in 1959. In reality, the birth of this company dates back even earlier thanks to the work of some engineers who in 1940 started the production of tires in the Taiwanese plant, albeit without having a specific name for the brand. 

To date, the brand has many factories around the world even if the main and secondary one, both in Taiwan, produce most of the Nankang product, which we can classify not only as tires for vehicles, but also for locomotives.

In 2003 a new factory was opened in China and this expansion means that the Nankang product reaches an ever-increasing number of people, also because it is tires made with top quality materials that adapt to different types of vehicles, including trucks. , and at all climatic conditions.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and the best equipment, Nankang is positioned in the first places in the international markets of the sector, in fact the tires are exported to 100 markets around the world and supplied to more than 300 distributors on every continent. 

The company also manufactures tires for other brands such as Geostar, Milestar and Provato, and in 1994 obtained the ISO-9001 certification.

The feedback received over the years from motorists is remarkable. In fact, the company has focused heavily on research and development in order to compete with the most important names and to date the most appreciated quality is the ability to combine good price with quality performance. 

Nankang tires offer good performance in both dry and wet conditions as well as snowy terrain. The duration is also not to be underestimated, in fact the tires reach mileage of around 50,000 km.

In conclusion, those who prefer Nankang tires will have a safe, long-lasting product with an excellent quality / price ratio.



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