metzeler tires

Metzeler is one of the leading companies in the sector when it comes to motorcycle tires reliable and durableThe company was founded in 1873 in Munich as a resale of rubber and elastic goods, and then turned into a reality that deals exclusively with the production of motorcycle tires and related products.


The creation of the first tire with the new synthetic rubber buna dates back to the early Thirties, then the company went through a dark period, in fact during the Second World War it was destroyed but at the end of the conflict the factory was rebuilt to start working at full capacity again.

These are golden years for Metzeler which intensifies the production of rubber products but, thanks to the great success achieved with tires, the brand is converted and has been involved since the end of the seventies, exclusively in the production of tires for motorcycles, sector where today it ranks at the top of the world markets.

Metzeler was the brand to launch the first tubeless motorcycle tire and over the years it has made great strides by assisting motorcyclists but also sportsmen, in fact it has always been present in enduro and road racing, collecting many successes.

Since the beginning of its adventure in the world of tires, the company has always been very attentive to the needs of motorcyclists, in fact it has designed and developed its own tires always using the most current technology. A brand at the forefront of technical innovation, quality and performance, Metzeler manufactures durable and reliable motorcycle tires, in ever new materials for performing compounds. 

Without sacrificing safety and reliability, tires can be purchased at very competitive prices and make a real difference thanks to tread patterns that are perfect for tackling all types of terrain and any weather conditions.

The strength and durability of Metzeler tires brings to mind the iconic advertisement in which an elephant tried in vain to step on them. Even today, the same animal is the symbol of the brand and the same quality demonstrated then is confirmed by current motorcyclists and riders, who every day choose the best accessories for excellent performance and safety in all conditions.



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