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Pirelli is an Italian manufacturer of tires for vehicles, which in the course of its 150 years of history has been able to dictate the rules and establish itself in the world market inherent in this sector, becoming one of the tire, renowned and largestof the world. 

It is in fact an all-Italian pride, one of the companies that was able to spread the automotive culture of Made in Italy in the world, initially founded for the production of rubber for industrial use, today it is engaged in the production of premium tires among the most listed on the market, so much so that it has been the only supplier for Formula 1 competitions for several years now. 

But let's find out more about the history of this magnificent Italian company. 

Pirelli: a story that has lasted for more than a century

Giovanni Battista Pirelli, this is the name of the man who gave birth to one of the most successful companies in Italy and in the world. 

In fact, the engineer Pirelli founded the factory of the same name back in 1872 in the city of Milan, a factory that was then engaged in the production of rubber items for any use, from industrial to household. 

During its 150 years of history, Pirelli was overwhelmed by an exponential growth, so much so that it became a giant of the automotive industry within a few decades. 

In fact, in 1901 the Milanese company concentrated its production on the automotive world, given the invention of the car, producing tires for vehicles, both cars and industrial vehicles such as tractors and trucks. 

Thanks to this change of course, Pirelli began a path of growth which, thanks also to considerable technological development, still continues unstoppable today. 

In fact, it was only in 1906, or five years after the company's entry into the car tire production sector, that Pirelli was forced to build a new factory to satisfy the ever-increasing market demand. 

The following years were times of enormous growth for Pirelli, which began building factories all over the world, from England to Argentina, from Brazil to Spain. 

The company was the protagonist of such growth that it was the first Italian entrepreneurial reality to be listed on the US stock exchange, and then to the present day, in which it is recognized as one of the top 5 companies in the world of tires. 

Pirelli offers its customers high-performance tires, with an advanced engineering and technological study behind each of its products, all to offer the best possible experience in terms of performance and safety. 

This is Pirelli, a guarantee in the world of car tires, capable of satisfying every type of motorist at 360 degrees and, above all, the needs of his car, all thanks to the more than 150 years of history and experience behind it and the continuous technological and technical development present on the products of the Milanese house. 



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