falken tires

Falken is a tire born in Japan in 1983, with experience also in the racing world with its Falken team, in particular it started competing at the ADAC 24 hours of the Nürburgring and in 2001 it became the main sponsor of the German circuit.

The Japanese company has production plants not only in Japan, but there are also offices in other countries such as China, South Africa, Brazil, USA and Turkey.

In 2011 Falken began a collaboration with the Porsche and established itself more and more in the market for tires not only for the track but also for the road.


are Falken tires the result of careful technological research, their structure and construction give them safety and durability.

The company's specialized designers were among the first to conduct pioneering research on the molecular structure of tires, with the innovative use of particle accelerators and advanced computer simulations.

The Falken company is also very sensitive to the environment when it comes to manufacturing its tires.

To do this, sustainable raw materials are used and production must always maintain high levels of quality standards.

Falken also has several test tracks in different countries such as Germany, Spain, Japan and Finland.

These tracks allow the testing and testing of tires in various climatic conditions in order to always obtain maximum performance from any type of tire.

The catalog offers tires suitable for every type of road vehicle and for every type of season, from summer tires to winter.

The assistance service offered by the house and the 5-year Falken guarantee are, in the event of any performance problems or quality defects the guarantee will cover the repair and intervention costs.

Falken is a brand that carries with it a long history of sporting successes and its experience in the field has allowed it to reach high-level quality standards that can be offered to its customers.



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