Continental tires

brand Continental is on the international market as one of the most renowned brands of all; the German company was born in the city of Hannover in 1871 and has developed its tires through constant research and innovation, with the help of the experience gained in the field of motor racing.

The best Continental tires

The wide range of Continental tires satisfies the needs of every motorist: the EcoContact is characterized by a symmetrical tread designed to optimize driving comfort, while the PremiumContact 6 is the innovation of the successful tire called ContiPremiumConti 5 still on the market, whose characteristics are already been appreciated by numerous buyers; specifically, these tires have balanced but at the same time high performance, also suitable for use close to sports driving.

tire ContiEcoContact has the quality of having little resistance to rolling and is therefore very quiet; in this way the rubber allows to save fuel, in addition to having a regular consumption and such as to increase the duration over time of the tires themselves. Despite this, the ContiEcoContact recorded very short braking distances in all the most difficult grip conditions.

The Continental ContiSportContact have been designed by the German house to equip the most powerful cars; the braking distances are further reduced and the tread pattern becomes asymmetrical, allowing the cars to have better support when cornering. Overall performance is significantly improved, as is resistance to punctures and breakage due to shoulder impacts against sidewalks or steps.

tires WinterContact are the winter solution proposed by Continental; their tread interspersed with numerous grooves guarantees excellent road holding even when the bottom is dirty and slippery. In particular, the TS 870 stands out for its very pronounced and high-performance design; the transverse grooves are generously sized, against a tread that offers such a compactness as to ensure considerable grip in any case.

Continental tires AllSeasonContact are perfect if you don't want to change tires at every change of season; their characteristics constitute an excellent middle ground between the record-breaking performance of the ContiSportContact and the safety offered by winter tires .

If you are a centaur you could try the new Sport Attack, a model that offers grip even with inclinations close to 60 degrees with respect to the road and therefore also designed for possible use on the track; the very soft compound and the presence of the notches also near the shoulder allow you to be able to count on maximum safety every time you go around a curve in case of rain.



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