Gomme Bridgestone

Japanese Bridgestone company based in the metropolis of Tokyo among the largest tire manufacturers in the world, with factories and study laboratories scattered all over the globe today it represents one of the largest and most successful companies in this sector. which for almost a century has been involved in rubber processing, never ceasing to innovate and evolve.


In fact, the Japanese company has made it possible to bring all the Japanese technique and technological innovation to vehicle tires, upsetting this industrial sector and offering the first products on the market with a very advanced technological study and the use of innovative materials behind it. 


Bridgestone tires : from shoe soles to largest tire manufacturer in the world


Bridgestone began its journey by producing rubber soles for footwear, and within just a few years it became the undisputed leader in this sector, growing exponentially. 


Only in 1930, when the car market was beginning to expand more and more and become very present all over the world, Bridgestone decided to expand its production by creating a branch of its plant completely dedicated to the production of tires for vehicles, vehicles of all genre. 


Thus was born Bridgestone, one of the largest Japanese companies in the world, a giant that today is a point of reference in the entire tire production sector, capable of teaching thanks to innovative Japanese techniques and their innate devotion to work and innovation, factors that have allowed it to become what it is now.


In fact, the company began its tire production thanks to the increasing diffusion of cars and the birth of new car manufacturers, especially Japanese ones such as Honda, Hyundai and Yamaha, until the arrival of the Second World War, a historical period in which Bridgestone concentrated much of its tire production to equip army vehicles. 


Once the conflict was over, Japan came out of it disaster, with an economy almost collapsing, but despite this the Japanese giant aimed at the production of Bridgestone tires for motorcycles and mopeds, and only in 1953 did it become the largest tire manufacturer in the whole. east asia. 


In those years the company did not stop innovating by focusing everything on new technological evolutions, transporting them directly into the production process of their tires. Thanks to this, the company was able to present tires with unique technical characteristics on the market, thanks to which only in 1961, after an exponential growth, was it listed on the stock exchange. 


From there it was a succession of successes, in fact they opened the first foreign office in Singapore, as well as buying in 1988 the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, a large American tire manufacturer, a direct rival of Bridgestone. 


From then on, Bridgestone became what we all know as one of the most established tire brands on the market, capable of offering tires with new technical solutions, characterized by very high performance and characterized by continuous study and development. 


It is no coincidence that the Japanese company managed to grab for many consecutive years the exclusivity from Formula 1 to equip the cars during the various championships, not to mention the constant participation of Bridgestone in the world of MotoGP.





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