When it comes to winter tires , many doubts and dilemmas always arise. It is not known what they are, how to mount them, when to use them and so on. Too many questions create great confusion. 

As you can also guess from their name, these are winter tires that are used in some particular weather conditions: they are more suited to roads covered with mud, water or snow rather than dry asphalt. 

These are tires that work best when temperatures drop and are also suitable for safe and stable driving even in the presence of ice on the road surface. 

Each rubber of this type guarantees the vehicle a high grip on the surface, which is why the driver can also feel safer, as it decreases the likelihood of him losing control of his car and crashing into other vehicles. 

Recognizing a tire of this type is simple, as the letters "M + S" or even "M&S" which stands for the English words "Mud and Snow", meaning mud and snow, are shown on the tire. 

In other cases it is possible to identify winter car tires of this type also by the mark of a mountain with 3 highest peaks, which is only a reference to the possibility of using these tires in extreme weather conditions.

When choosing a tire of this kind, a first distinction must be made between lamellar and thermal tires. 

Both are presented on our site and represent two separate categories, but both of excellent quality. The difference is mainly in the softness and in the patterns on the tread. 

Thermal tires are also optimal when temperatures drop a lot and it becomes necessary to achieve greater stability of the car. 

These tires reach acceptable operating temperatures very quickly, preventing the car from losing stability and skidding. 

On the other hand, winter car tires lamellar car tires are characterized by a different pattern of the knobs, which makes them more suitable for driving on roads covered with snow or water. 

Everyone, therefore, should choose the best solution according to their needs, without forgetting to also evaluate the other parameters, including the load index, the diameter, the maximum achievable speed and so on. 

If you don't want to make a mistake when purchasing and choosing the ideal winter tires for your needs, you can use our search filter. This way you will find the ideal tires in just a few minutes!