Summer tyres are optimal for use in hot weather, as they generally have a thinner tread than winter tyres. 


However, they offer high stability and can be used to effectively travel the most different stretches of road. 


The summer tyres presented in the vast Pneumatici Diretti catalog offer the best performance on practically all fronts, as they do not wear out too much and allow the car to reach a higher peak of speed. 


The compound of these summer tyres is mostly hard, but it softens in milder temperatures. Therefore it adapts to both drier and wet substrates. However, their performance drops considerably with decreasing temperatures. 


However, we must not make the mistake of thinking that these summer car tyres are unsafe, as they include a tread made up of some useful blocks to avoid aquaplaning phenomena. 


Various measures taken by the manufacturers also guarantee better grip in the transverse and longitudinal directions. 


The best performance is still offered at high temperatures, as summer tyres increase their grip on the asphalt allowing the car to reach higher speeds and also better stability.


When choosing summer tyres, you have to pay attention to several factors, including the diameter. You need to know precisely which diameter is best suited to your needs and what are the other peculiarities of your car. 


Some summer car tyres, in fact, are better suited to sports cars, others for those that often travel on disconnected roads or those in the mountains. Much also depends on the tread and the groove of the rubber.


In addition to simple summer car tyres for light cars, you can also buy those for off-road vehicles, SUVs, trucks and many more from us. 


All summer car tyres on offer in our shop also have a guarantee, which is why by buying from us you can be sure not to buy poor quality products. 


This is because the summer tyres on offer are all checked by a special team made up of various professionals, whose job is to ensure the high quality of the products sold.


Thanks to an obsessive attention paid to the sale of tyres, we can now consider ourselves a point of reference for motorists who would like to avoid any risk associated with buying and selling tyres. Because buying from Pneumatici Diretti above all means buying safely!