When you need to buy excellent quality summer tyres , you can't help but go only to historical shops, like ours. 

For many years we have been offering our customers a wide range of summer SUV tyre , ranging from the simplest ones, well suited for urban asphalt roads to tyres designed for off-road vehicles that will have to travel on many particularly disconnected roads. 

Depending on the type of rubber you would like to use, our team can provide you with different possibilities. All the summer SUV tyre we sell have been specially made by a team of highly professional experts, capable of providing you with the best solutions at a reasonable cost.

On the shelves of the Pneumatici Diretti store you will find numerous summer tyres made by the largest and most famous brands in the world, such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Yokohama and others. 

For this we can guarantee you the highest possible quality of the products sold in our shop and also provide you with full assistance if you need our help in choosing the right tyres. 

By contacting our team you will have the opportunity to speak with a group of highly qualified experts, ready to give you all the information you are looking for regarding the different products on sale. 

Our specialists will be able to provide you with the best solutions based on your car, as you will find various summer tyres that are optimal for driving on the most particular roads.

Each of our products is guaranteed and you can also contact us to obtain information on the conservation of the tyres , on their assembly, on the technical characteristics such as the load index or the speed index and so on. 

Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you.

In our shop you can also find various tyres of excellent quality at a low cost, as we collaborate with several large distributors throughout the country and we are now a point of reference especially for motorists who would like to entrust their attention to high quality items. 

We also offer many customers various discounts thanks to which you can get the best tyres without having to spend too much. 

This peculiarity, combined with the attention with which we check the tyres, makes us the reference point for those who want to avoid the usual problems and the many risks typical of the sector.

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