Motorcycle winter tyres can be fitted for several valid reasons. It is essential to know how to fit tyres suitable for all circumstances, especially at rather low temperatures. The installation of the tyres varies according to the time of year and is regulated by the Highway Code, with the obligation to have snow chains or a winter compound. Here's what you need to know about it.

What to know about the new rules for winter tyres

The rules relating to all-season tyres can hide many surprises for those who have to comply with them. In any case, for both motorcycles and scooters, it is possible to replace the tyres in the periods provided for by law. The current situation foresees that motorcycle winter tyres can be mounted in the period between November 15th and April 15th. However, during this period, the necessary conditions vary in the case of driving on icy roads or dealing with snow. In similar circumstances, two-wheeled vehicles cannot circulate even if equipped with M + S tyres.

No obligation, just advice to follow

The assembly of winter motorcycle tyres does not include any type of obligation. In fact, it is a measure only recommended for two-wheeled motor vehicles. Such a device can be implemented with the aim of acquiring a greater degree of safety, with the prospect of being able to drive for a long time without any worries. Thanks to the help of the winter tyres fitted on the motorcycles, it is possible to access better grip on the asphalt.

Consequently, even any climatic agents of a certain vehemence are no longer a difficult problem to solve, by installing a set of tyres suitable for the context. With these premises, in the event that you are grappling with weather forecasts in which the temperature drops below freezing, it is essential to take cover. And here the correct fitting of the tyres suitable for the situation can make the difference, immersing you in a feeling of maximum serenity on board.

What to know about the legal regulations on winter motorcycle tyres

All-season tyres are dictated by legal regulations regarding winter motorcycle tyres. It is regulated by article 6 paragraph 4 of the highway code. The legislation does not expressly name mopeds and motorcycles. However, the legal void was later filled by two directives issued by the Ministry of Transport. Here's what they are.

The first directive dates back to January 16, 2013 and exempts mopeds and motorcycles from the obligation of having to fit tyres suitable for the winter period. Although there is no duty to respect, on the other hand, mopeds without winter tyres cannot circulate during the corresponding period.

The second legislation, on the other hand, dates back to May 27, 2016. In this specific case, the decree states that motorcycles and mopeds have the right to mount M + S and MST type tyres during the winter period. These sets of tyres must necessarily have a different circulation code than that shown in the vehicle registration document.