The installation of summer tyres for light transport is certainly a very valid idea during the hottest periods of each year. In certain territories, changing tyres at the correct time is essential for driving safely. In any case, if the average daily temperature exceeds a certain threshold, we need to start thinking seriously about such a hypothesis.

And here is that summer tyres can be preferred over the solution of 4-season tyres, which instead are fitted throughout the year without following any additional rules. Let's find out together the characteristics of this set of tires indicated when the heat begins to be felt too vehemently, with the chance to mount it in the set times and to drive with extreme serenity.

Why fit summer tires for light transport

transport can be fitted in cars for several valid reasons. First of all, such a set is able to provide a surprising degree of stability in the event of dry conditions, facilitating any type of maneuver on the road. The grip of the tyres is always at maximum and the brakes work without any difficulty even in wet conditions. This is achieved thanks to traces of silicon, capable of strengthening sipes and grooves and perfect for improving the contact between the tires and the road surface.

At the same time, the effectiveness of these summer tires for light transport against possible aquaplaning must not be neglected. The drainage is not critical and water and dirt are moved extremely quickly. Driving comfort reaches optimal standards and safety does not present any type of impediment, thanks to blocks arranged in a highly precise manner. The self-locking sipes are arranged so that acceleration and maneuvering do not suffer any problems. 

Also very important is the prospect of accessing a very late wear set of tires. In fact, the rubbery solution is made in a rather particular way, with a remarkable rolling resistance. In this way, fuel consumption is kept under control and the component lasts for a longer period of time, keeping its qualities intact.

How to select the best summer tires for light transport

The choice for summer tires intended for light transport can be pursued on the basis of some decisive criteria. The first thing to do is to take a look at the technical parameters of the tires and the vehicle on which they are to be mounted. Full compliance with the documentation is essential to make sure that everything goes smoothly, keeping an eye on the loads of use and the typical dimensions.

At this point, it is necessary to monitor the tread pattern according to the weather conditions and the arrangement of sipes and grooves, paying attention to every detail. Protection from aquaplaning makes a difference, along with a large amount of deep drainage channels on board the tires. 

What matters is to make sure that all the pieces are put in place, with the chance of buying summer tires for light transport that are perfectly suited to each specific context.