Commercial vehicle tires

Commercial vehicle tires from guarantee reliable road holding and significant cost savings.

Commercial truck tires are part of a separate category as they must meet certain parameters also established by current legislation.

Road safety is essential for those who use commercial vehicles and therefore spend a lot of time behind the wheel. 

Choosing the right tires is essential not only to guarantee grip on the road in case of bad weather with very low temperatures or bumpy and slippery asphalt but also because, since these are commercial vehicles that often bear considerable weight, they must be approved for this purpose.

 Being vehicles that travel many kilometers, and above all without many stops, it is vital to use suitable tires and do everything possible for maintenance, in order to avoid skidding, lack of grip or limited resistance to cold or excessive heat.

Commercial vehicle tires

vehicles By commercial vehicles we mean different types of trucks, vans, buses and buses used for urban transport. 

These distinctions do not need to be specified because each vehicle is intended for different uses, such as the transport of goods or people, but also because each vehicle uses different road layouts. 

This is why it is necessary to distinguish between the types of commercial vehicle tires:

- Long distance tires: suitable for commercial vehicles that usually travel on motorways.

- Medium-distance tires, used on various road surfaces and fitted to vehicles that make medium-haul journeys, such as vans and medium-capacity trucks.

- Tires for urban use: used for urban and private transport lines that transport goods within the city.

- Tires suitable for construction vehicles

- Tires for hard weather conditions: snow tires for commercial vehicles traveling medium and long distances on roads that are usually icy and where skidding often causes accidents. 

The next step in choosing the type that reflects your needs is to evaluate the quality of the tire that always guarantees at high levels.

The Commercial truck tires on the site in fact meet all those technical specifications identified within the protocol established by the European Union in November 2012 regarding the circulation of commercial vehicles. 

This legislation provides for the presence of a label in which the results of quality tests must be clearly visible in terms of performance, safety and grip on wet asphalt, noise pollution due to noise and consumption related to tires.